Short description: MeadowVerse is a Play-to-Earn game built on the Avalanche blockchain. MeadowVerse is a mystical world where players can explore, battle and create.
high risk

Key metrics:

Community Strength

Metric to measure following "health" i.e. how big the following of a project is & it's activity levels.

  • Twitter Followers:

  • Reddit Followers:
    None (no subreddit)

  • Discord Members:

General Activity:
Not possible to measure at this moment.

Conclusion & other remarks:
This is an early stage project - no significant community has been formed so far.

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team.

  • Background of founders:
    Due to anonymity it's unclear - but one member of the team has a strong background in coding (public information).

  • Anon:

  • Investor backing:

Conclusion & other remarks:

Due to the early stage of the project and lack of transparency, a background check is difficult. One of the founders seems to be a serial entrepreneur & has a strong background in Computer Science though. Seems to be an all female team.

Economic health

Metric to measure the economic health of the project.

The main economic object is the LEAF token.

1) LEAF:

LEAF is the in-game currency which rewards users for playing & it serves as a DAO governance token in the future. The supply is fixed to 1billion tokens.

Distribution in percentages:

2) Neaf NFT:

The character required for playing the game.
For the initial mint, 10.000 Neafs will be released. No further info is given.

Other remarks:
It seems the tokenomy model hasn't been that much fleshed out yet, it is to be seen how that develops in the future. The initial LEAF tokenomics seems to be heavily biased towards insiders.

Our rating:

Unclear economic health conditions due to no further info. Wouldn't classify as fair launch either.

Momentum Strength

Metric to measure the momemtum/adoption of the project in the community.

  • Unique Users & transactions in-game:
    Unknown Data.

  • Subreddit growth:
    No Subreddit.

  • Twitter Growth:
    No analytics yet

Conclusion & other remarks:
Due to no live game & the early stage, there are no metrics which can be measured.