Idle Mystic evaluation

A 3-D NFT idle play-to-earn game based on Polygon.
medium risk

Key metrics:

Community Strength

Metric to measure following "health" i.e. how big the following of a project is & it's activity levels.

  • Twitter Followers:

  • Reddit Followers:
    No Subreddit

  • Discord Members:

  • General Activity:
    Not measurable so far.

Conclusion & other remarks:

Nothing special about the community strength pops up here.

Strength level:

Medium (Twitter following + Discord members)

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team.

  • Background of founders?
    While there is existing technical talent there, the general background seems to be lackluster.

  • Anon?
    Not anonymous.

  • Investor backing?:
    One HK based investor so far.

Social Media Accounts of Team:
There are existing LinkedIn profiles if one wanted to check on the founders.

Conclusion & other remarks:
Founders are publicly outed but seem to lack execution experience. Lack of known investor as well.

Strength level:


Economic Health

Metric to measure the economic health of the project.
The main economic object is the IMT-Token.

1) IMT (Idle Mystic Token):

This token can be used to participate in governance, as in-game currency is part of the play-to-earn rewards.

  • Team distribution in millions:

2) Heroes NFT:

Required to play the game and can be purchased by the marketplace. Unclear distribution & spawn mechanism.

Conclusion & other remarks:

Given the major distribution to investors & the foundation, it seems like a "unfair" launch.

Economic health:
Tokenmodel seems to work for now, it is to be seen if any positive loops can be gained in the future.

Momentum Health
  • Unique Users

  • Transactions

  • Twitter Growth:

  • Google Search Interest

Conclusion & other remarks:

Game seems to losing momentum rather than gaining usage on chain. Google Search Interest spiked in November.

Momentum Strength:

Weak (game is losing users momemtum-wise)