Defi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a game based on fantasy pixel art. It enables the player to use a DEX, yield-farm, and exchange utility NFT's.
medium risk

Key metrics:

Community Strength

Measuring the activity & following of DeFi Kingdoms.

  • Twitter Followers:
  • Reddit Followers:
  • Discord Members:

General Activity:

Subreddit comments p. day:

Subreddit posts p. day:

Conclusion & other remarks:

The Defi-Kingdoms community is gaining traction particularly on Twitter. Given the increased Subreddit growth & activity levels, the community strength is increasing.

Our strength rating:

Increasingly strong.

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team

Background of founders:

The team is increasingly pseudonomous. Members of the team have had appearances on Harmony One events (IRL).

Investor backing?:
No known investors are backing DeFi-Kingdoms.

Other relevant information:
On their own documentation page, they're claiming to doxx themselves in the future. Additionally, the weekly Voice-AMA's on Discord add authenticity and trust to the team.

Social Media Accounts:

Our team strength rating:
Upper Medium (due to anonymity moving to pseudonimity & background check)

Economic Overview & Assessment

Type of NFT's/token in this project:

1) Jewel Token

Jewel is the proposed in-game currency & governance token for DeFi-Kingdoms. It is needed to buy Heroes, buy items and various in-game buffs.

  • 1% of the Jewel supply has been pre-minted. The allocation looks like:
    • 0,5% to fund development of the game (time-locked & released based on product)
    • 0,2% for promotion of the project i.e. marketing, aidrops (time-locked & vesting over time)
    • 0,2% has been initial liquidity. Won't ever be sold or withdrawn
    • 0,1% for bounties & hours put in by founding team. 0,05% has already been rewarded at launch, other half vests over time.

Initial "Jewel" harvesters can't claim a lot of their tokens immediately but rather over time. This incentives early liquidity providers to promote the game and prevents farming & dumping the token in the short term.

2) Heroes NFT's (required to play the game)

These NFT's are "heroes" who can perform tasks to earn the in-game currency

  • The initial distribution of is unclear

-> Conclusion & other remarks:

This is a fair-launch game with thoughtful token design (i.e. locking farmed tokens for period of time to prevent immediate selling). One can tell that the team spend a lot of time thinking about the tokenomics and it seems to pay off.

Momentum Evaluation

Metric to measure the momemtum/adoption of the project in the community.

Unique Users in-game:

Transactions in- game:

Twitter follower growth (Weekly):

Google Trends Growth:

Other remarks:
This game is getting strong adoption at the moment. The founders have executed ruthlessly & is loved by users.

Our rating:

Strong momentum - the game is growing overall and well received by the community.