Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders, a utility-based NFT RPG game that draws inspiration from Zed.Run and World of Warcraft, allows you to do just that.
low risk

Key metrics:

Community Strength

Metric to measure following "health" i.e. how big the following of a project is & it's activity levels.

  • Twitter Followers:

  • Reddit Followers:
    No Subreddit yet.

  • Discord Members:

General Activity:

  • Twitter mentions:

  • Subreddit posts last 30D:
    No data.

Conclusion & other remarks:

This project seems like a growing community. Activity is not measurable at the moment, but the decent following on Twitter & Discord derisk this project tremendously.

Our Rating:
Medium Strength (lack of activity measures & Subreddit)

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team.

  • Background of founders?

  • Anonymous?

  • Investor backing?:

Social Media Accounts of Team:

Conclusion & other remarks:
While most of the team is anonymous, the associated Twitter Accounts have been quite active in the crypto-community. Nate Liason, associated with the team, is also a popular writer and known as well.

Our Team Strength Rating:
Medium (due to social media followings).

Economic Health

Type of NFT's/token in this project:

AURUM token

Aurum is intended to be the in-game currency for the game. It's supply won't be capped and the Crypto-Raiders team can mint & burn Aurum token as needed for balancing the game. Aurum is earned by completing in-game missions & by staking the RAIDER token.

  • Initial mint:
    100million token

  • Allocation for initial mint:
    75% for in-game Quests
    20% to the treasury for employee rewards etc.
    5% for initial RAIDER staking rewards.

  • Amount of big holders (percentage):
    Unknown asides from the team.


Fixed supply token - the team won't be able to mint more. RAIDER can be staked to earn AURUM tokens based on daily in-game activity (it's like a revenue share). Asides from that, it will become a governance token - but it doesn't have significant in-game capabilities yet.

  • Minted: 100mil RAIDER
    -> 20% of RAIDER to founding team in 2yr vesting contract
    -> 5% for future investors
    -> 15% for employees & contractors with 1yr vesting period when awarded
    -> 10% for treasury
    -> 50% for Liquidity providers.
  • Amount of big holders:
    Unknown at the moment.

Crypto Raider NFT's

The Crypto-Raider is the NFT character needed to complete in-game missions. It has no supply cap as players can "recruit" new raiders, however Raiders can die on missions and the NFT will be burned. It proposes to be "self-regulatory".

Conclusion & other remarks:

Game has been boostrapped and gained a lot organic traction. While the distribution to the team is high in our opinion, it aligns incentives to make CryptoRaiders a success. The tokenomics seem to work fine and given the transparency and thoughts outlined in their docs, a lot of care went into it. Given that, we're pretty positive on the economic model on CryptoRaiders.

Our economic health rating:

Good health.

Momentum Strength

Metric to measure the momemtum/adoption of the project in the community.

  • Unique Wallets & transactions (30D)
    No tracking yet.

  • Subreddit growth (30D):
    No Subreddit yet.

Twitter Trend:

Total follower growth of the Crypto-Raiders Official Account.

Google Trend:

Search interest of "Crypto Raiders" over time.

Conclusion & other remarks:

While some metrics remain unclear due to non-listings, the project has experienced some solid growth the past few weeks on Twitter & OpenSea.

Our Momentum Strength:
Medium (Missing metrics, but those measurable are showing strong growth)