Aavegotchi is a DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game developed by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios that allows players to stake Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) avatars with interest-generating tokens and interact with the Aavegotchi metaverse.
medium risk

Key metrics:

We calculate this score based on how big and how engaging the community is. A good community is basically a good sign, that the project will suceed.

Metric to measure following "health" i.e. how big the following of a project is & it's activity levels.

  • Twitter Followers:

  • Reddit Followers:

  • Discord Members:

General Activity:

Posts per day (Reddit):

Comments per Day (Reddit):

-> Conclusion & other remarks:

The game seems to have a high amount of followers on Twitter & Reddit. An active community has formed around it as well.

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team.

  • Background of founders?
    All have solid coding backgrounds.

  • Anon?

  • Investor backing?:
    Doesn't seem to be backed

Social Media Accounts of Team:

Other remarks:
The company behind this is called pixelcraft studios. It is a small company located in Singapore. -> Conclusion & other remarks: The team is extremely transparent about their background decreasing the chance of a scam project.

Strength level:
Very Strong (solid background, good social media presence)


Metric to measure the economic health of the project.

The main economic object is the Ghost-token & the Aavegotchi NFT.

1) Ghost Token (GHST):

$GHST is the in-game currency for the Aavegotchi ecosystem. It also functions as a governance token, incentiving users to participate by return a percentage of all in-game sales to holders who've participated in governance decisions. Due to it's launch, GHST doesn't have a fixed supply but is regulated by a Token-Bonding Curve (more info here: https://wiki.aavegotchi.com/en/curve).

Initial vesting period of the pre-mine has been around 180days. Currently, the redistribution of GHST is particularly noteworthy.

All GHST revenue generated will be split into:
1) 5% burned (reducing supply)
2) 40% in-game rewards for players
3) 15% rewards for DAO-Governance participants
4) 40% goes to the team behind Aavegotchi (essentially for promotional activities)

2) Aavegotchi NFT:

This NFT is needed to play the game - the initial distribution is unclear.

-> Conclusion & other remarks:

Their tokenomics model is one of the more advanced ones out there & is not easy to understand. However, it does make a lot of sense in the backend. One particular concern is that 40% of all revenue generated goes to the team for "promotional activities", which seems rather excessive - but compared to industry standards, it's probably "in-line".

Momentum Health:

Metric to measure the momemtum/adoption of the project in the community.

  • Unique User:

  • Transactions in-game:

  • Subreddit growth:

  • Twitter Growth:

  • Google Search Interest:

-> Conclusion & other remarks:

Subreddit growth & follower growth seems steady, however user momentum & NFT sales are dropping slightly.