Crabada is an Undersea world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada. Crabada can be bred, and used in games to earn cryptocurrencies with real value.
low risk

Key metrics:

Community Strength

Metric to measure following "health" i.e. how big the following of a project is & it's activity levels.

  • Twitter Followers:

  • Reddit Followers:

  • Discord Members:

General Activity:

Difficult to measure on channels like Reddit & Twitter atm.

Conclusion & other remarks:
Discord seems relatively vibrant with tons of messages daily.

Our Rating:

Medium (Vibrant Discord but lack of activity levels)

Team Strength

Metric to measure the execution strength & credibility of the team.

Conclusion & other remarks:
Lots of transparency into their backgrounds, assuming that investors have done background checks as well.

Our Team Strength Rating:
Strong (transparency & investors)

Economic Overview & Assessment

Type of NFT's/token in this project:

1) CRA (Crabada) token:

CRA is the governance token and can be staked. It is part of the rewards payout.

  • Total supply cap:
    1 billion token.

  • Team distribution of CRA token:
    17% CRA Team
    3% advisors
    6% investors.

    Tokenlock usually 2years with quarterly release - enjoy this with caution, should refer here for more details:
  • Big wallets are the Team, Investors, & Ecosystem Fund.

2) TUS Token (Treasure under the Sea):

TUS is the in-game currency. Can be earned by playing the game, is required to buy a Crabada NFT.

  • Unknown distribution, seemed to have been launched on TraderJoes with no prior sale.
  • No big holders known atm.

3) Crabada NFT's (required to play the game)

The Crabada NFT's are "Crabs" and needed to earn the TUS & CRA token. A team of 3 Crabs enables a play start.

  • Unclear distribution, a certain amount has been given out to early players. Players can purchase the NFT's on the marketplace.
  • No big holders known atm.

Conclusion & other remarks:

While CRA token has been a rather "unfair" launch, the introduction of TUS seems to make things more egalitarian. Given the introduction of "staking" and potential burn mechanisms later on, this game seems to have solid tokenomics in play.

Our economic health rating:

Solid token design.

Momentum Strength

Metric to measure the momentum/adoption of the project in the community.

Unique Users & Transactions in-game (30D)

Subreddit growth:

Not measurable yet.

Twitter Growth

Total follower growth Crabadas official Account.

Google Search Interest:

Search interest of "Crabada" over time.

Conclusion & other remarks:
Slight momentum growth, but nothing too crazy.

Momentum Strength:
Medium Momentum (unique wallets have been picking up steam)